Epidrm a-grft face/nck/hf/g

Epidermal autograft, face, scalp, eyelids, mouth, neck, ears, orbits, genitalia, hands, feet, and/or multiple digits; first 100 sq cm or less, or 1% of body area of infants and children

Cost distribution

Epidrm a-grft face/nck/hf/g

Cheapest hospitals

Hospital/Provider Provider type Avg amount paid Avg amount requested
Croce S Patti (M.D., male)
1857 FLOYD ST, SUITE 100, SARASOTA, FL 34239
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery $699.27 $1,175.43 (x1.7)
Aaron L Shapiro (MD, male)
1518 SPRUCE ST, PHILA, PA 19102
Otolaryngology $719.66 $1,200.00 (x1.7)

Average payments by state (low to high)

State Avg amount paid Avg amount requested
FL $699.27 $1,175.43 (x1.7)
PA $719.66 $1,200.00 (x1.7)