Removal of leg veins/lesion

Ligation and division and complete stripping of long or short saphenous veins with radical excision of ulcer and skin graft and/or interruption of communicating veins of lower leg, with excision of deep fascia

Cost distribution

Removal of leg veins/lesion

Cheapest hospitals

Hospital/Provider Provider type Avg amount paid Avg amount requested
Ricardo Navas (M.D., male)
8631 W 3RD ST STE 235E, LOS ANGELES, CA 90048
General Surgery $535.37 $2,842.86 (x5.3)
Los Angeles Surgical Center (, female)
2200 W 7TH ST, LOS ANGELES, CA 90057
Ambulatory Surgical Center $1,592.23 $2,088.31 (x1.3)

Average payments by state (low to high)

State Avg amount paid Avg amount requested
CA $1,063.80 $2,465.59 (x2.3)